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Additional Resources

Postby Interrobang » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:29 pm

Post serves as a compilation of additional resources and information not available directly on this forum.

NWN General:

1.69 Patch download - As the patcher is no longer officialy supported you will need to download the 1.69 critical rebuild patch manually from here for fresh installs of nwn.

NWN Serverlist - As the master server and gamespy server list are no longer supported.

Other Pages:

Bastions of War facebook page

Neverwinter Nights Wiki

BoW Main Site

Bastions of War builds site - Hosted/managed by JerryMouse, thanks for his time & effort on this!

2da Files:

2da files must be placed in the override folder within your Neverwinter Nights install

Animation Fix - Supposedly irrelevant to crashing since 1.69, however i still prefer the older animations.

Portrait & Soundset Unlocker - Allows you to use other portraits and soundsets within Neverwinter Nights that are usually reserved for NPCs.

Colourized Spell Icons - Colours spell icons based on their school, makes things preety!

Colourized Feat icons - Same as above but for feats, makes things preety!

Summon Creature Spells - Allows the use of the summon creature spells altered with the epic conjuration miscellaneous item (BoW Specific)

Dragon Shape Feat.2da - Allows selection of dragon shape with Wild Shape 5x/day (like the bugged version prior to patch 1.69) Right click link and select save link as to download this 2da

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