My chars can't work:(

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My chars can't work:(

Postby giostom » Sun Nov 30, 2014 4:37 pm

Hi. i want play this server but can't^ , i m logging on and making character (wizard) , after i m joi ning the game. He don't got spells (int 18) and feats which i gave him from human bonus . After lvling him , he still got 0 spells on book even if i pick them even twice same with feats . I tried an monk and more classes and can't play any of it . On my hero card when should be human / dwarf / elf etc is IP which no1 knows. I've got cep 2.4a polish game and update to wer 1.69.8xxxxx from studnia dusz server .

Idk what happend but i want pvp on this serv , help me pls :( ( :| sry for bad english )
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