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Arena Map Submission

Postby Judge Dead » Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:42 pm

If you would like to submit an arena map to be run in BoW on a trial basis, please follow the instructions below. If players like the map, it'll stay. If not, we'll ditch it and try more.

1. Map size should be a maximum of 12x12 total area (the map doesn't need to be square).

2. Map should contain a minimum of placables, sounds, or other lag-inducing clutter.

3. Please indicate the location of the 4 spawn locations, 1 escape portal (most central location), and 1 to 3 capture points with waypoints.

4. Export the completed area, and e-mail the ERF file to [DM] Judge Dead at Include your player account name.

Please note that we usually have a large backlog of map submission, so it can take a couple months before it's reviewed. Thanks.

Please put the name of the map you are submitting in the subject line of your email. Also, please stop sending mod files, zipped files, RAR files, exe files, etc. Simply export the area that you've created and it will save as a small .erf file. I only want erf files due to the high volume.

Other *Optional* ways to help me out with submissions:

1. If you right click the Area you've created, you can adjust the colors, lighting, sounds, etc. by selecting "Properties." Click the "Comments" tab and type in your Player name and email address.

2. Set the Fog Distance to 65m.

3. For all doors and placables, please set the Hardness to 0. They're plot anyway, but that gets rid of needless messages when bashing.

4. For all lockable doors, please put bow_door_bash in the OnPhysicalAttack script. You'll get a missing resources message, but that's okay.

5. If you want any doors to auto close after 10 seconds, just place bow_door in the OnOpen script.

6. In the "Advanced" tab of area properties, please:

a. Select the most appropriate loading screen for your map. Don't select Random.
b. Click "No Rest"
c. Select "Full PVP"
d. Resref and Tag should say the name of the map you've created, not "Area001" or somesuch (this gets a bit more complicated if you didn't name the map from the very beginning, don't worry if you can't figure it out).
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