Clarity Effect(s)

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Clarity Effect(s)

Postby darkwaffle » Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:10 am

For a level two spell that is so strong and usable by absolutely anyone, 5600 gold is pretty cheap. I don't mind the price and I think the spell and rod itself are good ideas; it encourages teamwork and supporting other players. But, as it is, I think it's much too easy for rod spam to annul the entire enchantment spell school. Every other rod is also subject to this problem but has a compromise associated with it; Death Ward, PFA and NEP are the big three. Freedom would be the fourth, but because of it's necessity towards dealing with movement impairing effects (and bugs) I'd be reluctant to change that one too significantly. Clarity's alleged compromise is it's duration, but that's easily dealt with because of it's low cost and how 'fast' things happen in game these days. In the span of just one clarity rod, your team can win the current engagement, no doubt.

The problem as I see it is that the spell's effect itself is too 'absolute' on it's own. With the exception of Hold spells (which many characters are already innately immune to and also have lower DCs than dominates and also respect Freedom), this is a rod that can cure absolutely any enchantment spell in the game (this is the big difference between it and every other rod). Not only that, it prevents all of them. Not only that, it's not breachable. Not only that, it's not subject to the dispel bonus from the Wand of Neural Aversion (as an aside, we should add Magic Circle v Alignment to that thing). And of course most people walk around with at least half a dozen of the things.

I propose that Clarity function more like a restore (or Stone to Flesh) than a buff rather than both all in one; if you Clarity someone who is under a mind spell Clarity will remove it just like always, but the clarity buff will not be applied, effectively trading one rod for one cure which I think is reasonable. If clarity is then cast on someone not under the effect of a mind spell, let it retain it's buff status and instead of letting it absorb an infinite number of spells, make each cast last much longer (30 turns, something like that) but have the buff be consumed upon failing a save or being targeted for a will save. Could go either way with that one.
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Re: Clarity Effect(s)

Postby Judge Dead » Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:17 pm

I'm agreeing that it cost is realy low for how usefull it is.

Solution available is to raise it price to 15600 and alterate code, if used from spell : no change.
If used from wand :
-used to cure daze, charm, sleep, confuse, stun -> remove the effect + 5 second mind imunity.
-used before beeing under one of there effects -> mind imunity for same duration as now.

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Re: Clarity Effect(s)

Postby Anahire » Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:48 pm

Thinks its ok to just cure, as the stone to flesh rod.

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If mind effects are more effective with this rod changement, it ll open more game strategies.
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Re: Clarity Effect(s)

Postby Interrobang » Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:31 pm

make it only block one effect / remove one effect
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