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Postby Judge Dead » Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:11 am

- Random events now need atleast 5 players on to fire.
- Little bug fixed in heal spell code.
- Pyramid modifications.
- Temp character restriction due to master server down.

- Items describ has been updated to new changes.
- Pyramid will no longer anti stack active if no stack.
- Parchment will active at pyramid entrance like all other maps.
- removed the escape portal on top of pyramid :/
- Fixed cap XP on Coliseum

- There is now a CAP xp of 10k/5min in coliseum.
- Heal amount cast from ring has been increased, however, it's divided by 4 if it's used in combat. Characters with 9+ Monk levels may not use the Heal from the ring.
- Greater Restoration heals for /3 if used from the epic Club without EWF: Club.
- New event: Pyramid, can only be set by DM atm for testing purposes.
- Warcry cast from epic Flail will provide +2 ab if you have EWF in flail. (from 1d2)
- Events may no longer be voted, they will now run randomly.
- Updated donor list.

1156 b
- Event AOE removal bug fixed.
- New reward algorithm in Coliseum.

- Spaced keeper shouts.
- Fixed a bug that was not allowing more than 1 world event/reset.
- Minor FFA modification.
- Introduction of a new anti-run script in CTF.
- Implementation of a debug script in CTF event.
- Implementation of a reincarnation system, see Shady char. Max 5 slots/key, 1.8M required to store. RDD, enjoy relevelling.
- New event. Coliseum. Details will appear when the event starts.
- World Event will now include end round rewards and kills xp.
- Implementation of auto trap removal in CTF center, Coliseum center and Domination bases/center.
- Bug fix in CTF, to score a point, a player must hold the flag for 2 real minutes.
- Updated donor list.

- Players can now vote for event every 2 hours which will run automatically.
- Players may now use some talk commands like !parch, !bless!, !aid, !info NAME. more will follow.
- CTF reward calculation changed, holding the flag 2 minutes will reward 3k XP/GP instantly. At round end, teams will receive 20 XP/GP for each second they held the flag.
- Internal DM client changes.
- Keeper of War will now shout announces. Do not be afraid.

- Adjusted domination event rewards- a domination controlled point will now reward 500 XP/GP. (instead of 1,000) Capturing a domination point will grant the player that captured the point 500 XP/GP.
- A domination slot controlled by a team will now also give 125 XP/GP to the opposite team.
- Total rewards will be announced at round end.
- Fixed a bug for epic miscs use outside of tent and in FFA event.
- Fixed a minor bug with the beam effect in CTF.
- Fixed a bug in the end round reward calculation. Both teams will now receive bonus.
- Some certain individuals may now control NPC spawn if there are less than 6 people playing on the server.
- Increased FFA rewards to 50k 1st place, 40k 2nd, 30k 3rd and 15k for anyone else that participated.
- Fixed a bug on CTF flag bearer, the skill ms/hide decrease will now apply properly.
- Removed effy bonuses. Effortless characters may no longer worth points (except for casters).
- Improved FFA anti run script- crossing through to a different quarter will now allow your last hostile actor a 4 seconds free passage.
- CTF may now auto reward at scoring.
- Introduced a new event: Domination. This event takes place as a normal round. In this event, you have to get the flag and retrieve it to your side. Maintaining flags will rewards your team XP\GP.
- Increased rewards as follows: +35% CP rewards, +50% kills rewards.
- Full Round Bonus increase to 3,500 (from 2,500).
- Added a constant +3,000 XP\GP to round end rewards and increased the variable amount by apx. 20%.
- Decreased some of the ffy bonuses (Halved AB\AC, 2\3 to skills)
- Internal DM client changes.
- Added the following maps back to the loop: Drow Battle Mansion (created by Deviltail), Forgotten Pain (created by Rainywinter), Farmland (created by Entreri), Emerald City (created by Ecthalon).

- FFA event no longer bug.
- Improved FFA event, add of an anti run script, turned on/off by DM.
- Improved CTF event, the killer of the flag bearer no longer had chance to run in ring, he is auto ported in if he is outside. Nothing happen if he is already inside the ring.
- Internal DM client changes.
- Remove of gifts use in FFA event.
- Allowing of epic misks use in the tent (outside).
- Lowered a bit FFA rewards for 1st 2nd and 3th place.

- Internet reward changes.
- Now allowing for greater rewards per function selected.
- Fixed some bugs in the death log script, allowing a faction to receive a greater bonus than they should.
- Added functionalities to the DM wand.
- The Important Tips sign will now paralyze on attack.
- Internal pathing changes.
- Greatly improved CTF- there is no longer a need to enforce most CTF rules manually.
- Internal DM client changes.
- Modified the way DMs may select a map on some cases.
- New event- Sudden Death, can be turned on by DMs. In this event all players are teleported to either Eye of the Gods or Grasp of the Gods in 4 minutes, in a Free For All playstyle.
- DMs may now check the MWV of a character.
- Many thanks to [DM]Judge Dead for working on this update!
- Added [DM]Judge Dead as a DM. Welcome!
- Monsters may no longer spawn by default. Can be enabled by players via the Dire Rat.
- Fixed a loophole with effy bonuses.
- There will be one automatic check in a character's lifetime for these items: Senses Enhancer, Item Activation Parchment, Vest of Devastating Fortitude & Epic Ioun Stone. If they do not exist, they will be created. You may sell the items you do not need.
- The Item Activation Parchment is automatically applied once going in a portal to the arena.
- Characters who are not level 40 are given haste upon entering base or Arena.
- Characters may receive Class\Skill bonuses from Epic Ioun Stone before level 40.
- Insane Monsters are now much more player friendly - no more immunities, and will spawn randomally throughout the arena when there are less than 10 players on.
- Implemented a new automatic Bonus system that gives characters with less than 1,000,000 XP bonuses to help them keep being competitive in arena.
- Effortless characters may now worth points.
- Adjusted the bonus XP for effortless characters, assuming it will be fun to play them and a rush through is no longer needed. This system is experiemental, feedback at is appreciated.
- Removed vorpal from the module.
- Auto Balance better handles situations with few characters.
- Rewards are now given even if both scores are null.

- (In preperation of new features) added "Mirror of Truth" to the entrance of each base. Characters who died polymorphed can use it to have their items automatically reequipped.
- Whenever there are less than 10 characters in the arena\base, a terrying creature will spawn to guard a CP. (currently disabled)
- For calculation purposes, minimum PR for a team is now 30.
- Characters may not rejoin their team if their previous team's PR is 50% higher than the opposite's team PR. (as opposed to 100% previously)
- Removed the auto-dye to an alignment color system. Players may sell their Epic Dye kits.
- Introduced an "Ultra Dye", a dye which you can buy from the Magic Vendor that will color your equipment to any color you wish.
- Added a small functionality to Ultra Dye so after dye-ing an item redoing quickslots is not necessary due to the loss of an Ability while having item reequipped.
- Improved the efficiency of Raise Dead and Resurrection spells when used through Conjurers' Symbiosise epic item.
- Introduced an Auto Balance system. If you find any bugs or have any questions, please report them at
- Many internal changes to accommodate the new Auto Balance system.
- Increased the bonus XP for level 40 characters who have less than 1,000,000 XP to 35%, and for level 40 characters who have less than 1.25Mil XP to 25%.
- Players who are playing in a team with higher score (at least 3.5 points more) and PR (at least 40 higher) may switch to the opposite team by speaking to the Keeper of War and receive a 15-25% bonus XP for the rest of the remaining round.
- 5 minutes after the round has started, a player may only switch to the opposite team either if the above applies, or if the opposite team has less than half his current team PR, regardless of score. For the first 5 minutes of the game, a player can switch team if the opposite team has less PR simply by speaking to the Keeper of War and being auto assigned to that team.
- Optimized Scripts.
- Closed a loophole with some epic items.
- Fixed a bug with epic whip that allowed it to be used without having EWF: Whip or while being Shapeshifted.
- Fixed a bug that wrongfully attributed kills by delayed death spells to the last attacker.
- Fixed DM Maps being incorrectly tagged.
- Properly arranged the map list.
- Fixed new Chaos Shield not working with polymorphed characters properly.
- Protection Domain Power Sanctuary effect is now disabled.
- Internal changes.
- Fixed a bug with Final Stand that did not reset it's cooldown correctly.
- Modified the following epic items: Inbal's Metal Bracelet, Bat's Teeth epic whip, Illusionists' Terror epic item, Small Chaos Shield & Chaos Shield. If you own one, please sell it and buy a new one. (note: old chaos shields do not work)
- Corrected the formula in the Journal to better reflect the way Concealment increments for Shadow Evade.
- Fixed a bug that allowed to use both Vests of Devastating fortitude.
- Heal, Mass Heal & Greater Restoration may no longer be cast while under the effects of the Protection Domain Power Sanctuary.
- Conversation with Familiars and summoned creatures may now only be seen by the initiator.
- Fixed a bug with the Sunburst spell that prevented it from receiving the appropriate bonus from the Seeds of Aversion.
- Optimized scripts. Hopefully now errors due to MVP will not prevent a new round from starting.
- The Inn of War is now accessible again through the Keeper of War area.
- More items may now be only used through the Item Activation Parchment. For a complete list, please examine the item.
- Fixed few exploits with the Item Activation Parchment.
- Disarming a weapon no longer causes cancel action.
- Fixed several exploits with the PDK class abilities.
- Fixed a bug with the Destruction spell, giving it an incorrect amount of damage.
- Modified the following epic weapons: The Wrath of Athena epic greatsword (changed damage types, lowered proc) & Bat's Teeth epic whip. If you own one, please sell it and buy a new one.
- Modified the following epic items: Illusionists Terror (adjusted formulas, updated description) & Conjurers' Symbiosis (updated description, added a new spell).
- Modified greatly the following spells: Summon Surreal Divine Dragon(s), Elemental Armageddon & Tranquilizing Storm of Retribution.
- Modified the Power Rating of the Paladin, Cleric & Bard classes. For further details, please see "Power Rating" in the journal.
- Modified the formula of Shadow Evade Concealment as follows: 32% base, +2% increments instead of 25% and +3%. This progress better takes into account the Blind Fighting feat.
- Modified the visual effect for the Shadow Evade ability.
- Aid and Bless spells now have a minimum of 5 minutes lasting time.
- Introduced a new item to the Magic Merchant: Item Activation Parchment. This items' purpose is to allow activating several items in inventory by one click. It is planned to widen it's functionality to other universal items such as Bless\Aid and Rods.
- The following items may only be used through the Item Activation Parchment: (Epic) Vest of Devastating Fortitude, Dusty Rose Ioun Stone, Senses Enhancer & Epic Ioun Stone. To use them, activate the Item Activation Parchment while they're in your inventory.
- Removed the ability to customize item appreances from the bases. To do so, you must speak to the Merchant in the Keeper of War area.
- The bonus AC through the Epic Ioun Stone to characters with no Tumble as class skill is increased from 2 to 4.
- Please be aware that new and modified spells and abilities might be slightly modified in the future as necessary.
- Introduced a new anti-hack script to prevent a weapon\item switching exploit. Whenever a character in combat equips or unequips an item, they have all their actions cleared.
- Fixed a loophole that caused players to "deathlog" outside the arena.
- Optimized scripts.
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