Kraken sorcerer aka Halaster

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Kraken sorcerer aka Halaster

Postby bowael » Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:21 pm

some words about my build: interesting playing and you can win all 59318399999+ BoW builds, if play well.
sorcerer 38/paladin 1/ranger 1 // on 38 lvl spellcraft 34, epic spell: epic warding.
str 10
dex 8
con 14
int 14
wis 8
cha 38
skills: concentration 43, discipline 43, set traps 43, spellcraft 34, heal 11.
spell focus greater: evocation, conjration; empower spell, maximize spell, silent spell; skill focus discipline;
epic feats:
epic charisma X, epic spell focus: evocation, epic spell: epic warding; epic skill focus: discipline; epic spell focus: conjuration.
1: mage armor; summon creature I; grease; protection from alignment; shield.
2: melf's acid arrow; web; ultravision; bull's strength; darkness.
3: clarity; find traps; negative energy burst; invisible sphere.
4: elemental shield; ice storm; lesser spell breach; improved invisibility -> or (evard's black tentacles; summon creature 4; wall of fire; remove blindess/deafness).
5: cloudkill; greater shadow conjuration; lesser spell mantle; mestil's acid sheath.
6: globe of invulnerability; greater stoneskin; isaac's greater missle storm.
7: control undead; delayed blast fireball; finger of death.
8: greater sanctuary; summon creature VIII; sunburst.
9: bigby's crushing hand; mordenkainen's disjunction; summon creature IX.

// when I have time, I record video about tactics and use of spells.
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