Not storing level up abilities

Any bug that your character suffer.

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Not storing level up abilities

Postby peterr » Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:50 am

Encountered weird bug..I make any character and try to level it up and it doesnt "remember" which points I already taken(like database coudnt store it..) - for example i took Blind Fight and then could take it again and again and still was clean...
edit: Same goes with spells for wizard.

Acc: bobo9999
Character: any that I create :(
I think i have an up-to-date version..1.69..I did run updater...
Do I have to register my cd-key anywhere or something ? Might it be wrong password?(didnt use acc for 1-2 years probably)
Regards :shock:

Also when I try to view Large weapons tab 3 game crashes..will try to reinstall
Fixed by installing critical rebuild 1.69 :)
Problem Solved, can close, Thanks !
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